Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Delay the debate??!!

Okay, so John McCain is looking to delay the first presidential debate scheduled to air this Friday so that he and Barack can focus on the more pressing issue of...the economy and the proposed "bail out" plan being debated. Is this a John McCain move designed to garner some brownie points because he and his campaign people believe it'll make him look "sensitive" to the needs of the American people, more "bi-partisan" because he wants to "work with Barack" on helping to find a solution, more..."presidential?" I'm sure it's exactly that! In addition, I'm sure he just wants to post-pone the debate a bit so he can try and regain some momentum after taking a bit of a slide this week. This is just an attempt to throw Obama off of his game. A desperate ploy. I'm not buying it.
If ever there was a need to put everything out there, get it all on the table and see what the candidates are's now! Let 'em go head to head and get down to the nitty gritty. McCain's attempt to duck out of this is just further proof the he's in no way ready to lead this country and a majority of his campaign thus far has been run on FLUFF!

S K A A R !


So let me get this straight:
The Obama family has one car- a Ford...hybrid vehicle.
The McCain's have 13 cars...15, if you count some of the kid's cars.
A few of which are foreign, luxury vehicles!

Obama is the "elitist?" Obama is out of touch with the average American?


John McCain, too much money in his wife's bank account,
too many cars, too much time in that in that P.O.W. camp!

I'm part of the SWYM NATION and I approve this message!!

Now seriously folks...I could get further into this but the whole car thing is hardly an issue to get up in arms over but hey, I simply wanted to illustrate here how ridiculously out of proportion things can get when low level tactic politicians take any and every small thing about their opponents and make major cases out them!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'll tell you something that cracks me up:
I keep hearing Palin supporters defend her experience and her nomination as vice president. I hear them defend her and then usually conclude with the following statement:



S K A A R !

Friday, September 5, 2008

"You go Girl!"

I'm not hating her because she's wealthy...just the fact that it says a lot that she couldn't just dial it down a bit in the interest of at least "appearing" to be more in touch with the rest of America, patriots that her and hubby are and all!
The America which just reported a total of 605,000 jobs lost so far this year!
Now, to be fair, the ear rings she wore were north of $280,000 and the actual dress, pearls and watch just totaled about $20,000!
She's gorgeous and quite fashionable! She's been touted as one of the best dressed! Covers of magazines...she's doin' it well!! However, she's not sporting $300,000 wardrobes! On the high end....when she really needs to bring it and go all out...Michelle is said to have spent about $1,200 on a dress! And that's the HIGH SIDE for her!
Weird isn't it...You would think that the so called "ELITIST" Obama's would be having their wardrobes personally done by ARMANI!
Makes one wonder which family is REALLY in touch with the rest of America!

S K A A R!

"I, John McCain, For I, by I...."

So the Republican Convention is over! John McCain took them out with bang. So they seem to think. Or should I say, a few idiots actually believe. Funny how it took all but about 3 minutes into the speech before he started up with the Sept. 11th references! Honestly...I can't hate the guy. I mean, I just don't get the same, disgusting, stomach churning, mental cringe that I get when I see or hear George Bush! This guy McCain, I've got to respect as far as being where he's been and doing what he's done. But that's as far as I'll go. That's as far as anyone should go. Last nights speech was nothing more than a "I'M JOHN MCCAIN, FORMER POW" speech. It was a moving biography and enlightening exposé on the senator's military experiences and where he's come from.
What was missing from the presentation and his speech, was any real substantial policy issues and detailed plans on how exactly he plans to bring about change to Washington D.C. I looked at this speech and simply thought: "Damn, this is the "I" speech!" The whole speech was, I, I, I, I, I! " I come from a military family, I went to war, I was a P.O.W., I'm a maverick...etc.!(the "Maverick" thing by the way is getting boring!) Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't John and the GOP been accusing Barack of being "narcissistic" and all about..."himself??" Seemed the other way around last night yeah? If I recall Barack's speech, most of it was about the people!
But moving right along...It was actually sad to watch Johnny boy's speech. Seeing him up there, struggling to read the teleprompter, clearly needing the teleprompter, looking out to the crowd, trying to sound presidential and just waiting to spit out his quick, wannabe crowd pleasing, cliché one liners! It's quite pathetic.
They can say what they want about Barack giving good speeches and being an excellent orator, but for me...hey...that's what I expect from a leader. Funny though, they've been harassing Barack about being a great speaker, a crowd pleaser, someone who is likeable and draws crowds....and now...the GOP has...SARAH PALIN! All I've heard for the last week in all of the commentary and reporting is how she's "so likeable", she's a "crowd pleaser", she's a "great speaker!"
As for the whole "Soccer Mom" thing and she's got kids...and "she's like us" crap...I find it simply absurd! Then again, I find everything about the Republican party absurd! Watching the crowd of supporters, the look of stupidity on their faces as they cheer and "big up" their party as if there's some real championship caliber track record to be proud of. Listening to these half wit, sheep say things like "John McCain will protect us from the enemy out to get us!" It's got to be embarrassing for them. Think about it, they can't even invite the current leader of their party...Good ol' George had to watch from home! That's got to suck for him! What does that say about the party that's supposed to be the "better" choice?! Eight years earlier, they were all in a convention, cheering, yelling, waving banners and signs for that guy! Swearin' he was a true patriot and experienced leader of good ideas and judgment! YEAH, RIGHT!?
You would think that after that mistake...(T2wice) they would just give up!

S K A A R!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"We don't need no education!"

"What's that Mrs. Palin? You don't believe in "sex education?" Sex education has no business in our schools? You preach abstinence and support abstinence programs?
Well...apparently...the abstinence thing didn't quite work out in your little girl's favor now did it!? Oh, and maybe some "sex education" at HOME would do your family some good!"
So as not to be misunderstood: I only bring up Mrs. Palin's daughter and the teen pregnancy thing to illustrate the blatant stupidity of ultra conservative, Republican types like Mrs. Palin who are quick to point their fingers at the so called "Heathen" liberals and make everyone believe that they've got the conservative, moral, "Christian" values thing down to a science and they're perfect!
Under normal circumstances...No, I wouldn't make the teen pregnancy of a candidates daughter a big deal.
It's just hysterical to listen to all of the Republicans now trying to spin this story as a sympathy, "we can all identify with her" tale! "She's a mom, facing real mom problems in life!" Yeah, okay!!
She's that much more endearing now that her little girl is knocked up! Damn, I may have to give up my support for Barack now!

S K A A R !

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This woman makes me sick! That permanent, dumb look on her face and that silly Botox smile...makes me want to puke! Well, to be fair, most Republicans inspire that feeling.
Watching them talk and flash those stupid smiles...listening to stupid, brain washed women and men talk about George W. Bush, forced to applaud out of party loyalty each time someone spits out some bullshyt compliment or starts reciting some ode to that moron!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I don't even know where to start. Yes I do. How about:
"This absolutely HAS to be a joke right? They're kidding?"
Let's get right to it: This is the choice for vice president of the United States of America? Should John McCain kick the bucket (a very real possibility) this is the person who will be running our country? Our country at a rather fragile time? We're engaged in an existing war that's bankrupting us with the possibility of maybe another war. The economy is miserable. Our worldwide neighbors hold us in poor favor and many have utter disdain for us. We've got broken relations both abroad and here at home. Our foreign and domestic policies are way out of whack! All of this, and Sarah Palin is the Republican choice for vice president? A second rate beauty queen from Alaska? A woman with ZERO foreign policy experience and no sense of world affairs. A woman with a year and a half of experience in government? A woman who by her own admission has no clue as to what the vice president even does?
Surely, the Democrats, upon hearing this announcement must have all let out a collective and very enthusiastic "YES!!!" "Hell YEAH!!" That night must have included a few bottles of champagne being popped. I can see it now, Barack's campaign strategist and entire staff, anxious, like fighters in some random ancient arena, waiting for the next mystery opponent not sure how hard their next fight may be. Then, the announcement is made and everyone breathes a sigh of relief! Republicans across the country on the other hand must have all been inclined to drink as well. Bottles of whiskey though as opposed to the bubbly joy of champagne.
This woman represents EVERYTHING that John McCain and the Republicans have been chastising Barack Obama for. They're relentlessly attacked him on these issues. They've claimed Barack has not enough experience to be president. She's got less! They claim he's too young, too green. She's younger!
They claimed that he's too charasmatic, too charming, too good looking and likable. 90% of what just about every political analyst and all of the pundits have been saying is that Sarah Palin is "likable", she's attractive and has charm!
Add to that the fact that they're running her based on being a mother and having five children! I'm sorry, but if they're running a woman based on those qualities...wouldn't Angelina Jolie have been a hell of a better pick? Angelina has even got more foreign policy experience. This is just truly sad.
But we all know what this is about. It's about trying to capture the Hillary voters out there. Those women who are still disgruntled and angry over the defeat of their champion. I'll say this: For the McCain camp to do this is a slap in the face to all women. And I'll go further and say that any of the Hillary supporters who would vote for her strictly because she's a woman, are setting women back even that much more.

I've been watching the Republicans who have come out in support of Palin and it's funny. Absolutely comical. Watching them try to defend this woman is like watching Bill Clinton point his finger at the camera and tell all of America he didn't have sex with Monica Lewinsky! Only difference is that Bill we actually believed for those few minutes that he has us in his grasp. When the Republicans get on tv to talk about Palin and some how suggest that she's a reasonable and very qualified pick for vp, you know right away that they're full of shyt and they're almost embarrassed to have to be speaking about her!

This is no longer a competition. A battle. A fight. A worth while competition. This is all a big joke. McCain is desperate. The Republicans are desperate. They know their time is up.

S K A A R !