Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Delay the debate??!!

Okay, so John McCain is looking to delay the first presidential debate scheduled to air this Friday so that he and Barack can focus on the more pressing issue of...the economy and the proposed "bail out" plan being debated. Is this a John McCain move designed to garner some brownie points because he and his campaign people believe it'll make him look "sensitive" to the needs of the American people, more "bi-partisan" because he wants to "work with Barack" on helping to find a solution, more..."presidential?" I'm sure it's exactly that! In addition, I'm sure he just wants to post-pone the debate a bit so he can try and regain some momentum after taking a bit of a slide this week. This is just an attempt to throw Obama off of his game. A desperate ploy. I'm not buying it.
If ever there was a need to put everything out there, get it all on the table and see what the candidates are's now! Let 'em go head to head and get down to the nitty gritty. McCain's attempt to duck out of this is just further proof the he's in no way ready to lead this country and a majority of his campaign thus far has been run on FLUFF!

S K A A R !

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