Friday, September 5, 2008

"I, John McCain, For I, by I...."

So the Republican Convention is over! John McCain took them out with bang. So they seem to think. Or should I say, a few idiots actually believe. Funny how it took all but about 3 minutes into the speech before he started up with the Sept. 11th references! Honestly...I can't hate the guy. I mean, I just don't get the same, disgusting, stomach churning, mental cringe that I get when I see or hear George Bush! This guy McCain, I've got to respect as far as being where he's been and doing what he's done. But that's as far as I'll go. That's as far as anyone should go. Last nights speech was nothing more than a "I'M JOHN MCCAIN, FORMER POW" speech. It was a moving biography and enlightening exposé on the senator's military experiences and where he's come from.
What was missing from the presentation and his speech, was any real substantial policy issues and detailed plans on how exactly he plans to bring about change to Washington D.C. I looked at this speech and simply thought: "Damn, this is the "I" speech!" The whole speech was, I, I, I, I, I! " I come from a military family, I went to war, I was a P.O.W., I'm a maverick...etc.!(the "Maverick" thing by the way is getting boring!) Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't John and the GOP been accusing Barack of being "narcissistic" and all about..."himself??" Seemed the other way around last night yeah? If I recall Barack's speech, most of it was about the people!
But moving right along...It was actually sad to watch Johnny boy's speech. Seeing him up there, struggling to read the teleprompter, clearly needing the teleprompter, looking out to the crowd, trying to sound presidential and just waiting to spit out his quick, wannabe crowd pleasing, cliché one liners! It's quite pathetic.
They can say what they want about Barack giving good speeches and being an excellent orator, but for me...hey...that's what I expect from a leader. Funny though, they've been harassing Barack about being a great speaker, a crowd pleaser, someone who is likeable and draws crowds....and now...the GOP has...SARAH PALIN! All I've heard for the last week in all of the commentary and reporting is how she's "so likeable", she's a "crowd pleaser", she's a "great speaker!"
As for the whole "Soccer Mom" thing and she's got kids...and "she's like us" crap...I find it simply absurd! Then again, I find everything about the Republican party absurd! Watching the crowd of supporters, the look of stupidity on their faces as they cheer and "big up" their party as if there's some real championship caliber track record to be proud of. Listening to these half wit, sheep say things like "John McCain will protect us from the enemy out to get us!" It's got to be embarrassing for them. Think about it, they can't even invite the current leader of their party...Good ol' George had to watch from home! That's got to suck for him! What does that say about the party that's supposed to be the "better" choice?! Eight years earlier, they were all in a convention, cheering, yelling, waving banners and signs for that guy! Swearin' he was a true patriot and experienced leader of good ideas and judgment! YEAH, RIGHT!?
You would think that after that mistake...(T2wice) they would just give up!

S K A A R!

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