Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So let me get this straight:
The Obama family has one car- a Ford...hybrid vehicle.
The McCain's have 13 cars...15, if you count some of the kid's cars.
A few of which are foreign, luxury vehicles!

Obama is the "elitist?" Obama is out of touch with the average American?


John McCain, too much money in his wife's bank account,
too many cars, too much time in that in that P.O.W. camp!

I'm part of the SWYM NATION and I approve this message!!

Now seriously folks...I could get further into this but the whole car thing is hardly an issue to get up in arms over but hey, I simply wanted to illustrate here how ridiculously out of proportion things can get when low level tactic politicians take any and every small thing about their opponents and make major cases out them!

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