Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"We don't need no education!"

"What's that Mrs. Palin? You don't believe in "sex education?" Sex education has no business in our schools? You preach abstinence and support abstinence programs?
Well...apparently...the abstinence thing didn't quite work out in your little girl's favor now did it!? Oh, and maybe some "sex education" at HOME would do your family some good!"
So as not to be misunderstood: I only bring up Mrs. Palin's daughter and the teen pregnancy thing to illustrate the blatant stupidity of ultra conservative, Republican types like Mrs. Palin who are quick to point their fingers at the so called "Heathen" liberals and make everyone believe that they've got the conservative, moral, "Christian" values thing down to a science and they're perfect!
Under normal circumstances...No, I wouldn't make the teen pregnancy of a candidates daughter a big deal.
It's just hysterical to listen to all of the Republicans now trying to spin this story as a sympathy, "we can all identify with her" tale! "She's a mom, facing real mom problems in life!" Yeah, okay!!
She's that much more endearing now that her little girl is knocked up! Damn, I may have to give up my support for Barack now!

S K A A R !