Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They'll certainly try won't they!

While a variety of polls suggest that Barack is doing quite well in comparison to McCain, there's still....Sooooo much to worry about. That's not good. Our voters, the young especially, as well as first time will this all affect them? What am I talking about here? The number of early reports which indicate that there's already been a few attempts to discount votes and/or disqualify voters from voting at all. False flyers and mailings telling people that Democrats actually vote on Wednesday the 5th. University students told they can't vote on campus. People being told that if they show up to vote, police will arrest them if they have any tickets outstanding.
Then there are the fears that on election day, due to the anticipated amount of voters which should turn out, there will be all sorts of gliches and delays with voting booths, organizing the heavy crowds of voters and of course, problems with recording the actual results. Oh so much for the fun democratic way!
I can just imagine the numerous plots being hatched right now designed to disenfranchise thousands if not hundreds of thousands of voters...Voters...who more than likely will be Obama supporters!