Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh goodness...someone shut her up!

We're 15 minutes into it...and Palin has done everything she can thus far to prove that she's in no way prepared to in the position she's in!
Biden is speaking like a man who's familiar with his words, has a grasp on his thoughts and has a sense of what he's talking about. nervous as all hell.....and she's speaking as if she's simply trying her best to spew the crap they loaded her up with in preparation!
Right from the start of course, she starts with talking to "the soccer moms" and "hockey moms!" She's actually using the "dumb", average house wife character as an attempt to make her seem viable!

S K A A R!

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Her said...

This is a late commentary but it was the most bizarre thing. It's very telling when every reference to the incumbent party's mishandling of ... almost everything.. (Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, etc.) was dismissed as "the past." "Say it ain't so Joe" she chided him. (Another feeble attempt to appeal to the common folk) Are there really people who are convinced that despite having the same party affiliation, "the Maverick" (by virtue of having that nickname?) will be so profoundly different? We already know that SHE DIDN'T know what he had done in the senate. (Maybe she finally looked that up like she promised Katie Couric.) Their strategists are really stretching but it's not like they have much to work with, I guess.