Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You're next Joe!

Okay, so tonight, besides the hype surrounding Bill Clinton and what exactly he'll say, Barack Obama's pick for VP, Sen. Joe Biden is going to have his turn at the podium as well! This will be Joe Biden's second major public speaking event since being chosen by Barack for the vp slot. I'm hoping Joesph picks up where Hill dog left off last night and commences to putting a whoopin' on "Super Dumb Dumb" and his sidekick..."POW Johnny!" No room for Mr. Nice guy tonight! No need to take any high roads! Straight for the jugular Joe, straight for the juglar! Let the world get to know you...spend a few minutes on the nice, political, soft style stuff...endear the audience to you and your family...kiss Barack's butt a bit...SELL,SELL, SELL BARACK! And then....Get in there and whoop some G.O.P ass! Hey, that's not too bad a name....Let's call him Juglar Joe! From what we know of Joe, he's quite the chatter box...oh, and the man is quite articulate if I might add!
We'll see what happens later tonight!

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