Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great job Hill! Now "What cha' gonna do Billy?"

Sitting down, watching all of the pre-coverage, listening to all of the pundits, political analyst and media correspondents, I wasn't exactly sure how last night's speech would turn out or whether or not it would be genuine enough to be truly persuasive to the undecided voters and her core supporters. Seems I wasn't alone in my anxiety and speculation as to whether Hillary Clinton would use the moment as a last hurrah for herself, a feminist rally cry and self serving night in the spotlight, or whether she would give up the air of arrogance, concede entirely and make it clear to her hard core supporters that her time was over and it was time to get behind Barack 100%! When it was all over, I let go of that doubt. She took the stage in a bright orange pants suit and delivered what has so far been the best moment of the convention. Hillary made an outstanding speech, moved her audience with words of wisdom, patriotism, hope and unity and ultimately made the case that this country needs Barack Obama to lead our country and we need John McCain to retreat to one of his homes somewhere and stay there!
In addition to wondering whether or not her speech would be sincere in it's efforts to unify the party behind Barack Obama, there was also concern, at least on my part, as to whether or not Hillary would bring a bit of "fight" and that scrappy spirit of hers to the convention. Monday nights events, while at times poignant and touching, left many wondering why there was no real attacks on the enemy! Well, Hillary certainly made sure she laid a few zingers in there and definitely tagged up McCain and Bush with some jabs that are probably still stinging today! Nice job Mrs. Clinton. But, while I believe she did a great job and gave a wonderful speech, let me SWYM for a second and also make mention that...somehow, I still believe that a lot of her "act" was based on the strategic plan of knowing that it would be political suicide to come with anything less. She served the Democrats well last night and she served Barack well. But, at the same time, she was well aware that her appearance and her speech would set her up for the next go around!
Now, the anxiety sets in again. There's all of this talk that old Billy boy hasn't quite gotten over his wife's defeat. He's still a bit sore. A bit pissed off that he won't be roaming the halls of the white house, welcoming the new interns and giving them the... guided tour! There's talk that William isn't too thrilled with Barack Obama. So tonight, old Willy is going to be speaking at the convention, trying to move the audience to the same emotional outpour as his wife. Hopefully, he'll be able to put aside his personal pride and sore loser mentality and just give it all he's got and shine as he did when he was once considered the first black president!

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CasiBK said...

There were doubts that Hillary would come out and do what she did and... she did the Damned Thing! I thought she was both sincere and persuasive in what she said. And yes.. she was probably setting herself up with lots of little sound bytes for her 2012 go-round. But I think that she spoke to a lot of her supporters by throwing her hat into the ring big-time. I don't want to analyze it to death. I think we should take it for what it is - a great speech that will help Obama in the long run, no doubt - and enjoy our time in the sun. We have two short months to get it together and she and Michelle kicked it off in a big way!