Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Well, the Democratic National Convention kicked off last night in Denver with plenty of pre-prime time fanfare and hoopla to be expected for any political rally of sorts. Speakers of the night included Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson, Barack Obama's half sister Maya Soetero-Ng, Caroline Kennedy and her uncle Sen. Edward Kennedy in his second public appearance since being diagnosed and treated for a brain tumor back in May. Nancy Pelosi may has well have been reading a culinary instruction guide on how to properly shuck and boil corn. For the "speaker of the house" to be so damn boring when speaking is just...bad. Sen. Kennedy's touching video tribute and his very appearance on stage afterward were the highlights of the hour. His rousing speech which followed was the defining moment of the evening and did more than just bring a few tears to eyes. It was a truly inspiring speech of courage, strength and determination from someone who in spite of all odds, is committed to continuing his presence in politics as a champion for change.
Michelle Obama closed out the evening with a touching, heart felt speech meant to enlighten people about her humble beginnings as well as her husbands.
Overall, I think she did well. Looked great and of course, the kids just added that much more.
However...The Democrats are going to have to get their stuff together if they really want to make an impact on the undecided voters out there. First off, I think Michelle should have spoken a hell of a lot earlier than after 10:30 pm E.S.T.
And, more importantly, there needed to be some real fire spit out regarding the current administrations failed policies and miserable leadership. More specificallly, there needed to be some real attack heat put on regarding John McCain!
Listening to most of the analysts this morning, many seem to agree that the democrats may have in fact wasted the night with absolutely no effort given toward dismantaling John McCain and the Republican machine that continues to beat up on Barack relentlessly. I think a healthy combination was in order. Yes, Michelle needed to highlight her and her husbands "normalcy" and profiles as being regular Americans who struggled to make it where they are. In additon though, there needed to be much more attention on spelling out the contrasts between Barack and McCain. There needed to be some emphasis on calling out the Bush administration and how it links to McCain.
A solid half and half approach would have served best. We'll see what happens tonight!


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