Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well, that's that. The Clintons have spoken. Hillary on Tuesday night followed by Bill Wednesday night. The anxiety is over. In Denver, the cool, sweeping winds whispering words of discontent, disconnect and division among Democrats have finally subsided and laid rest outside. Hillary is cool with Barack and so is Bill. They've thrown their support behind him. The lingering questions about their support and whether they would truly get behind him have been answered. Even if only for the time being. If deep down inside, the two of them are hating Barack, well, that's their business and not really relevant now. What's relevant, is the fact that they both gave rousing, inspiring speeches and did what was necessary to ignite the flames of unity and set the Democrats on course for victory in November.
If I may SWYM for a second here: I was truly HATING both Hillary and Bill! Hillary just ticked me off throughout the primaries and Bill, who I previously admired, got me ticked off with him when he began showing his "true" color (not black by the way!) when he was out stumping for his wife. Half of me sort of understands that he'd get gangster for his wife, but...still...I just didn't like how he was coming off and what he was saying. I'm sure that I'm not the only person to have the same feelings. Last night however, we all got to look at Bill again and admire him for who he is, what he represents and what he does so well. He galvanized the troops, laid in to John McCain and the Republicans and eloquently reassured us that any type of real change and a worth while future rests in the promise of Barack Obama as President

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