Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Black And Screwed In America!"

So a few weeks back, CNN debuted it's highly anticipated series called BLACK IN AMERICA, hosted by CNN's own Soledad O'Brien. (The first person I think about when I think of "Black Americans!") I wasn't particularly excited about it. For whatever reason, the commercials building up the show in the preceding weeks seemed to just....fall short of making me feel like I had better schedule some t.v. time that night and plop down to watch it or at the very least, set up the dvr to record it. I just wasn't compelled and the commercials really didn't peak my interest. Well, after a few weeks, and being bombarded with the commercial over and over again, a bit of interest did kick in and I simply wanted to see how CNN would present such a production. I was curious as to what angle they were going to take, what format, how it would be presented.So on the scheduled night.......9:30 pm rolls around and I realize that I had missed the first half hour. (Was spending time with my son and putting him to bed for the night!) I headed downstairs to the great room, fired up the receiver and the television, took a seat and prepared to be amazed. Let me say...AMAZED I was! Misery! Hopelessness! Negativity! Stress!
I won't bother to go through each segment and dissect the entire two part series. I refuse. And if I did, this would be a long ass blog! Instead, I'll just say....


As part 1 wrapped up that evening...I figured to CNN's defense..."Hey, maybe tomorrow will be the flip side to all of this negativity!" or..."Maybe I missed all the positive stuff in the first half hour!"NOPE! Not even! ROUND 2....the next night...(which I made sure to catch right from the beginning)....was just as MISERABLE!Besides the half ass...boring "Spoken Word" dude used between segments to somehow, stereotype our culture even further, the overall content of the series was so damn pathetic it's a wonder they didn't just title it "BLACK and DOOMED IN AMERICA!"

I mean seriously, is it just me...or was that some truly depressing journalism? What was the big idea? To point the lens at Black America and record all of the gloom and negativity associated with being black?! Never have I seen such a bleak, miserable, disgustingly depressing picture painted of African Americans! Anyone watching that program, black, white or whatever would surely have had to say...

The women are screwed! The unemployed and uneducated as well as the well educated well off successful career women! The men are screwed! The uneducated, unemployed and the well educated, well off living in the burbs men! The little girls are screwed as well as the boys! I don't care how it's spinned it was a total picture of MISERY and BULLSHYT! I imagine...that maybe...that was the point of the program. To simply illustrate the hardships of being..."Black in America" and show just how difficult it is! Well....."THANK YOU" CNN!
The only thing more surprising than CNN's coverage and reporting was the fact that it wasn't a report produced and aired by our ridiculous friends over at BET!

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